Our company

Company mission

To offer our clients comprehensive, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solutions in digital content management that mitigate all risks and obstacles

Our story

NOS Microsystems began in 2001 as the brain child of engineer, Oliver Wessling. While working in production and engineering for the likes of BOSCH, Continental, and Dräger, Oliver observed the dire need for a software management tool on the factory floor that could manage the multitude of never ending demands for systems updates whilst taking care of client entitlements and customs and border controls.

get®Plus is born

With this, Oliver began NOS Microsystems and began working on an intelligent software ecosystem that became the company’s cornerstone product – getPlus. This sophisticated electronic software delivery (ESD) tool performs like nothing else on the market. It bridges the gap between automation provider and end user by seamlessly integrating into the industrial automation providers’ licensing structures and databases—SAP, Oracle, and all others—to manage and deliver entitled and required software updates to their clients.

It derails customs and border issues to deliver software online to clients anywhere in the world, and it tracks downloads and maintenance expirations, and offers a unique interface where providers can promote additional solutions and increase sales.

NOS Microsystems then began providing programs for Windows before migrating to secure and trusted messaging apps for smart phones such as BotherU&Me and LoveNotes, which have over one million downloads.

Solutions for cyber security

From there, the all-in-one privacy app get2Clouds was born. In the age of data breaches and cyber crime, get2Clouds mitigates the risks of putting your data online with an E2E encrypted messenger, cloud sync, and large file transfer rolled into one. get2Clouds is free for private use and it offers individuals and businesses unparalleled data security, and security in the cloud.

Solutions used by

Alcatel-Lucent Rockwell Automation Nokia CorelDRAW Panda Software Hewlett-Packard Enterprise McAfee Trend Micro
Alcatel-Lucent, Rockwell Automation, Nokia, Adobe , CorelDRAW. Panda Software, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, McAfee, Trend Micro