getPlus - Industrial eDelivery

  • Export control

    Export control

    Intelligent eDelivery ecosystem that functions alongside French, US and many international customs regulations
  • Fully integrated

    Fully integrated

    getPlus does all the work on both client and customer side. Builds new system or upgrades existing
  • Cuts costs

    Cuts costs

    No physical delivery of software. Greener and more cost effective. Reduce support costs via increased user convenience and automatic handling of proxies and firewalls
  • Increases revenue

    Increases revenue

    Tracks downloads and maintenance expirations and offers a unique point of sale of supporting solutions following download

What is get®Plus?

getPlus is an intelligent ecosystem that performs like no other tool on the market by bridging the gap between automation provider and end user. It does this by seamlessly integrating into the industrial automation providers’ licensing structures and databases—SAP, Oracle, and all others. From there it manages and delivers entitled and required software updates to their clients. For the end user, it monitors the status of machines so exact updates, and incompatibility issues are identified.

Why use it?

It provides the most convenient production-line maintenance available through guaranteeing safe online delivery of entitled software and updates to clients no matter when and where they need it.

At only 320kb, it is the smallest, fastest and most user-friendly transfer manager available and it works across all firewalls and proxies to transfer files with state-of-the-art security. With getPlus, bit-for-bit identical delivery is guaranteed, regardless of bandwidth limitations.

getPlus also functions as an onsite software manager. The user-friendly and cost-effective ecosystem helps factories make the transition to industry 4.0 by tracking all downloads and maintenance expirations. It can then notify the end user when a machine or robot is not compatible or where an update is necessary. This also provides the automation provider with a unique sales interface where they can promote solutions that getPlus has detected the end user may require.

Automation providers can support customers with

  • Speed to marketSpeed to market
  • Lifecycle managementLifecycle management
  • Keeping up with demandKeeping up with demand
  • Optimizing operationsOptimizing operations
  • Predictive maintenancePredictive maintenance
  • Maximizing profitabilityMaximizing profitability
  • Securing networkSecuring network